Capetonians Offered Tertiary Study Bursaries by the City of Cape Town

The City of  Cape Town Tertiary Study Bursaries

The City of Cape Town is offering bursaries to men and women of all race groups who are planning to study at approved tertiary institutions next year (2015). The City is of course the local authority that administers the greater Cape Town area, and has jobs available in a wide range of fields.

The fields of study that qualify are specific but incredibly varied, ranging from City, Town and Regional Planning, Building Development, and various areas of Civil and Electrical Engineering, to Agricultural Economics, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems (B Com), Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Work and Library and Information Science. In total there are more than 40 fields of study listed, which will be an invaluable aid in ultimately finding a job. Further, the tertiary study bursaries relate to virtually all South Africa’s Skills Education Training Authorities (SETAs) – which shows just how fantastic these opportunities are.

To qualify, students must live in the greater Cape metropolitan area and be planning to register in one of the listed fields of study.

According to the City’s announcement made on Friday October 3, 2104, the tertiary study bursaries are available to students who are registering for undergraduate, postgraduate degree or diploma studies. The bursaries will cover registration as well as examination and class fees levied by the various institutions.

If you think you might qualify and be approved for a bursary, then it is important to act quickly as the closing date for applications is October 24th. Late applications do not get any consideration.

Application forms are available online (Application Form) or from various municipal offices including:

  • Belville Municipal Building
  • Brackenfell Municipal Office
  • Cape Town Human Resources Employment Counter in the Civic Centre
  • Helderberg Municipal Office in Strand
  • Parow Municipal Building
  • South Peninsula Municipal Office in Plumstead

What the City Wants to Know About Applicants for Tertiary Study Bursaries

All applications have to be completed in the writing, by the person applying for the bursary.

Each applicant must state which field of study they are applying for, and these must be on the City’s list of approved studies. The duration of the course must be specified as well as the educational institution chosen, and number of years the bursary will be required.

The usual personal information is required, including date of birth, ID number, place of residence and so on. Information about gender, race and any disabilities is required so that the City can monitor equity.

Information about “household circumstances” is required, and certified documentary proof has to be supplied in terms of the gross annual income of the household. Someone is also required to stand surety for the student’s bursary, and a certified copy of this person’s ID must also be provided.

Of course since this is a bursary application, detailed educational information is also required – together with proof of results and registration, if the applicant is already studying at a recognized institution.

As an applicant you will also be asked if you have ever received a bursary before, and whether there are any bursary commitments that are outstanding. You will be asked to list extra-mural activities, hobbies and sports that you participate in and to give information about your involvement in the local community.

You will be asked to state why you are choosing a particular field of study and specify the personal qualities that you believe are necessary to be successful in your chosen field.
Contact details of two tutors, teachers or lecturers who know the applicant well are also required so that the City can phone and get the required references.

Tertiary Study Bursaries Will be Awarded Before the End of 2014

While the City of Cape Town does not acknowledge receipt of applications for tertiary study bursaries, they do undertake to notify successful applicants by December 19th. They also have a telephone enquiry service and Employment Service Desk. Telephone numbers are on the City’s website.

Don’t delay apply today.