Economics Students and Graduates Can Get Educational Bursaries from Genesis Analytics

Genesis Analytics Educational Bursaries

Genesis-logoThe Genesis Analytics Educational Foundation Trust has been established to help “previously disadvantaged” economics students who need financial assistance finish their degrees or do their honours or masters.

Preference is given to “Indian, Coloured and African candidates,” but Genesis is an “equal opportunity employer” and so anyone who has achieved a consistent average result of at least 65 percent may apply. This complies with the Employment Equity Act of 1998.

Genesis Analytics, formed in 1998 (the same year the act was promulgated), is a consultancy that focuses on advising companies and governments in emerging markets on strategies, competition, development and regulation of, as well as the application of, what is termed behavioural economics. Their clients range from and governmental agencies to banks, law firms and corporations of various types. The educational trust was formed primarily to provide funding for “young, upcoming students from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa”.

Most economic-based education opportunities are embraced by the workings of the Financial, Accounting, Management, Consulting and other Financial Services Sector Education and Training Authority – the FassetSETA. But there are other SETAs that fall into the realms of economics-related activities, including the Banking SETA – the BankSETA.

Bursaries and Graduate Opportunities from Genesis Analytics

Educational bursaries from Genesis are open to “the brightest and the best” students who are offered the opportunity to work on exciting projects with an extremely diverse scope of opportunities in terms of projects and clients. The company then works closely in teams and helps to provide clear, structured career paths for students that will enable them to forge a future in economics consulting.

The bursaries are open to students:

• Undertaking their last year of a bachelors degree in economics
• Wanting to do either an honours or a masters degree in economics
• Who plan to do a PPE Honours or a Master’s degree

Criteria for eligibility include an achievement pass rate of at least 65 percent for both undergraduate and honours degrees.

How to Apply for Educational Bursaries from Genesis

Genesis Analytics recruits graduates and assesses them for bursaries every August. However it’s not a bad idea for you to start getting your application together if you think that you might fit the mould they are looking for.

You will need:

• A letter of motivation to persuade them that you are a good choice for a bursary
• A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) that gives al the basic information about you and your current education and/or qualifications
• Two letters of reference from reputable people who know you well (a headmaster or headmistress for example)
• Certified copies of all academic records, for all years of study
• Certified copy of your South African identity document
• Copy of an assignment completed during the current academic year (in this case it will be one from 2015)

The Genesis Recruitment Process for Educational Bursaries

There are five stages in the Genesis Analytics recruitment process:

1. Once the application has been received, it is screened to ensure that the required skills, experience and competencies have been met.
2. Applicants are asked to complete a technical case study online.
3. Psychometric assessments of all suitable applicants are conducted online.
4. Promising applicants are interviewed in person.
5. Successful applicants are given an offer of employment with the firm.

While applicants still have nine months before the next set of students will be awarded bursaries, this gives each and every one of them the opportunity to work on the application and get it “right”.

How to Qualify for the Educational Bursaries?

Full details of application is available on its website.