Get a Bursary for 2015 and Become a Police Pilot

South Africa Police Service (SAPS) Bursary for 2015

SAPThe South African Police Service (SAPS) together with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) is offering a bursary for 2015 to nine women who want to train to become police pilots, flying helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.

While the mission of SAPS is essentially to “create a safe and secure environment for all the people in South Africa,” TETA has been tasked with ensuring that students in the transport sector of South Africa get the very best training and therefore develop the best education and skills necessary to do their jobs.

TETA was only established as a SETA 15 years ago, two years after the promulgation of the Skills Development Act of 1998. At the time it took over the responsibilities of five training boards that were responsible for aerospace (flying), maritime (shipping), road passenger and road freight, and Transnet, which of course was in charge of the railways.

Additional sub-sectors have been added to the official demarcation of the transport sector – including forwarding and clearing and the taxi industry. Although SAPS does not fall primarily within the aerospace sub-sector, clearly this is a hugely important part of its function as a whole.


Bursaries From TETA and SAPS

The bursaries offered by TETA and SAPS are specifically for women, and even more specifically for those who are aged between 18 and 30 and unemployed. Each bursary for 2015 will include training and lecture material, a police uniform, license, accommodation and meals, and of course the examinations.

Applicants have until 16th January, 2015 to apply.

The minimum requirements for applicants are detailed, and again very specific. Applicants must be:

• Unemployed
• Well disciplined
• Patriotic, loyal citizens of South Africa
• Fluent in English and at least another official language of SA
• Without any criminal record or pending case against them
• In possession of a senior certificate (Grade 12) having passed Maths and Science with at least a Level 5
• Mentally and physically fit, and
• Without any height phobias

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the proferred bursary for 2015 will undergo a further vetting process. This will include a face-to-face interview that will help to determine whether they really are suitable or not. A number of tests will be carried out including fingerprint verification, security screening and also psychometric verification. There will also be medical examinations. Those people who are shortlisted with be interviewed and tested further to make sure that they are completely suitable for the helicopter and fixed-wing pilot bursary programme.

Those applicants who are accepted for pilot training will also have to do basic police training when required to do so.

How to Apply for a SAPS Pilot Bursary for 2015

Application forms – specifically the Z83 form – are available from all Public Service Government Departments. In addition to this form, applicants must attach a resume or curriculm vitae (CV) that shows personal, educational and any previous employment details; a certified copy of their identity document; as well as certified copies of their senior certificate (Grade 12) and the courses and/or diplomas that were obtained. If these documents are not supplied with the application form then the application will not be considered.

Enquiries to Colonel F.P. Blaauwemail or telephone 021-334 3721. Alternatively you can phone Lt Col De Wit on 012-334 3777.

Applications should be sent to Private Bag X177, Pretoria 0001 or 429 Helen Joseph Street, 7th Floor Shorburg Building, Pretoria. Mark them for the attention of Col Blaauw.

If you have not been contacted by 16th February (a month after the closing date of applications) then you know that your application was not successful.