IMPLATS Will Soon be Looking For Suitable Bursary Applicants for 2016

Implats-logoImplats Bursaries for 2016

Implats Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats), a leading Southern African platinum mining company, offers bursaries to suitable students ever year.

The company is primarily in the business of mining, but also refines platimum-group metals including cobalt, copper and nickel. The company which operates from the Bushveld region, as well as from the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe, employs about 57,000 people, some of whom are contractors.

Implats sees itself poised to become the world’s very best platinum-producing mining company, and is committed to safety and sustainability at all levels.

Bursaries Offered by Implats

Bursaries offered by Implats are in keeping with the principles of the MqaSETA, which was originally established to comply with the Mine, Health and Safety Act. The MqaSETA also supports the Mining Charter and facilitates the development of skills in the industry. It actively encourages females to enter the mining sector and helps to empower previously disadvantaged people within the mining industry. Applications from disabled students are welcomed, though Implats does point out that acceptance will be in keeping with whatever the demands of that particular occupation are, related to the degree itself.

Implats invites applications for bursaries annually, and covers the registration and fees for the course of all successful bursary applicants. The company also pays the cost of residence fees and gives students a cash allowance while they are studying. In addition, from the second year at university, students are provided with a personal computer allowance.

While engineering is an obvious field for applicants to want to study in, bursaries are also offered for study of:

  • Accounting – to honours level
  • Chemistry – to honours level
  • Geology – to honours level
  • Human Resources – from B.Com to honours level
  • Survey

Engineering degrees encompass a wide variety of courses, specifically:

  • Chemical
  • Electrical (specifically heavy current)
  • Mechanical
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining

Successful bursary applicants are required to work for Implats for the same period of time it took to study for their degree – in other words for “the full period of the bursary”. They are also obliged to work during vacations at the end of each year, after their studies for the year are complete.

Typical Profile of Bursary Applicants Likely to be Accepted for Study

Implats is looking for tenacious individuals who show leadership potential and an ability to work with other team players. In addition, those who are likely to succeed in getting bursaries will be able to work well under pressure, and will have good abilities when it comes to solving problems. Generally the type of student who is likely to be accepted will have good common sense, and will have an innate ability to think logically and make sensible decisions. It is essential for potential bursars to be self-motivated and vital for them to have excellent communication skills.

The application form is straightforward, but it is essential for applicants to answer all questions honestly and accurately.

Applications will not be considered if the student does not have a university exemption with a rating code of five or a pass of 60 percent in Maths, Science and English.

How to Apply for an Implats Bursary

There are application forms for bursaries on the Implats web site. These are in a portable document format (pdf) and can be printed out and then completed before being returned to the company. All applications must be accompanied with a complete resume or curriculum vitae (CV); a certified copy of the applicant’s South African identity document; and certified proof of their most recent school or university results.

Applications must be posted to The Training Manager, Impala Platinum Bursary Department, PO Box 5683, Rustenburg 0300, and all applications must be received no later than March 31, 2015. If your application is successful, they will respond within 30 days. If it is not successful you will not get a reply. All preliminary interviews are conducted in Rustenburg, North West Province.

Good luck.

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