LBOC Bursary Applications for 2015 Close Next Week

LBOC Bursary Applications for 2015

LBOCFund-logoLet’s Build Our Country Fund (the LBOC Fund) has bursaries available for study during 2015. Funding is available for school, college and university fees, however bursary applications close on 30th November, so you don’t have much time left to apply.

About The LBOC Fund

A non-profit company (NPC), the LBOC Fund aims to educate at least 1,000 students at high-level educational institutions each year. Their stated mission is to “educate, mentor and develop” South Africa’s youth “to be the best leaders of tomorrow”.
In keeping with the mission of the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (EtdpSETA), the company has a vision to initiate, develop and grow the education and skills of young people in this country. Recognising that education and skills development is pivotal to the successful growth and development of the country’s economy, the LBOC Fund has set out to address the serious problem of unemployment, and endeavours to close the ever-present skills gap that is present in South Africa.

Identifying a need to find “innovative solutions” for “pragmatic problems”, the LBOC Fund has identified five important objectives.

1. They will educate at least 1,000 students every year.
2. They will focus on capacity building using skills development and will provide educational resources for this exercise.
3. They will provide funding for tuition of students who are either enrolled, or in the process of gaining admission to “high learning institutions”.
4. They will help graduates by motivating strategic partnerships that have been initiated in the form of programmes that relate to a variety of economic spheres.
5. They aim to unite the people of South Africa in the realm of youth education.

The LBOC Fund has established a number of strategic partnerships in an endeavour to achieve the ambitious targets that they have set for the company. Recognising that both society and community funding need relationships that will be mutually beneficial, the company has invited organisations to help “capacitate and garner support for the initiative”. To encourage every citizen to get involve, they also have an SMS line where interested people can donate as little as R15 and in this way do their bit to improve the education and skills of South Africa’s youth.

How to Apply for a Bursary From the LBOC Fund

Bursary applications may be done online. The application forms are available from the LBOC Fund website and you can fill in the form and then fax or email it to them.

It is a simple application form that is self-explanatory, and which requires the usual information including identity number and contact details. All applicants are required to say what they are currently studying, or what they plan to study; how much funding is required; and to state reasons for the need for funding. They ask that relevant documents be attached, these would include a certified copy of your ID as well as proof of things like past results and admission to school, college or university.

The LBOC Fund also has a Facebook page where you can ask for further assistance or guidance.

Application Forms are Available from the LBOC Website.

Application form here.