Limpopo student bursary application form 2014

Bursary application for students in Limpopo isn’t as straight forward as it should be. The reason is the limited number of FET colleges, universes and companies offering bursaries.
The real reason is the lack of businesses in Limpopo.
Limpopo although a large place it has very little industry and commerce that simply equals few colleges and companies offering bursaries in the area. If you are a student looking for a bursary application we would suggest you search the site for bursary applications in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Johannesburg or Durban, if you are currently out of work, a bursary application to become a student at one of the many FET colleges in South Africa is a real opportunity to get a job. Most FET colleges only offer study loans and bursaries to students and learners who have a metric as a minimum.
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