Oakhill School & College Bursaries

okahillBursaries are offered annually to provide educational opportunities at Oakhill to children from less privileged circumstances in our community who show strong academic and/or special talent potential. The number of bursaries awarded annually will be determined by the availability of funding.

Guideline for Bursary Selection:
Academic – Strong language and numeric skills with aggregates above 60%. English as a spoken and written language is essential. A pre-entrance examination may be required.
Age – Younger bursary students are preferred from local Garden Route schools.
Family environment – A stable home environment with a strong value system is essential.
Talents – Sport, music, drama & art talents are recognised provided the student meets the academic criteria.
Financial need – Students with financial need and from disadvantaged backgrounds will be considered. Financial documents will be required.
Social – Involvement and participation in community service, sport, extra-mural activities and a strong sense of responsibility and determination is a requirement.

How to Apply
Step 1: Visit Oakhill
Visit our School for a relaxed walkabout at a time of your convenience – call our admin office to make an appointment.
Send your child to Experience an Oakhill Day.
Come to one of our Open Days.
Chat with a current Oakhill parent (we will gladly put you in touch).

Step 2: Provisional Application
The Oakhill Enrolment forms and Financial Assistance Application are to be completed and handed to the Admissions Department together with all supporting documents by the 10th of August each year. You will be required to meet with our Bursary Officer and Headmaster for an interview. A registration fee is payable which is refundable should your bursary application not be successful.

Step 3: Bursary Acceptance
Bursary offerings will be made by 30 September of each year to successful applicants.

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Source: Oakhill School & College