Potatoes South Africa Bursary Application

Agriculture & Environmental Science Bursary Application 

The Potato Industry Development Trust, through Potatoes South Africa, provides bursaries to diploma, undergraduate and post graduate students studying agriculture at a tertiary institution in South Africa. The primary goals for providing these bursaries are as follows:

Diploma and undergraduate studies

  • To provide talented young students the opportunity to develop their skills and thereby enhance the
    technical capacity of these enterprises.
  • To provide other deserving students who wish to enter the agricultural industry the opportunity to
    obtain an appropriate qualification and develop technical skills to find employment in the industry.






Postgraduate studies

  • To make a contribution towards ensuring that well qualified scientists are developed to address the research needs of the potato industry.
  • To increase the potato industry’s pool of knowledge.

Who can apply?
Diploma and undergraduate studies

  • Second year students in the field of agriculture.
  • Students with excellent academic standing.
  • South African citizens.
  • Must provide official proof of registration at a South African tertiary institution.

Postgraduate studies

  • Honours, Masters and PhD students in the field of agriculture – potatoes. (Masters and PhD students to submit a potato related research proposal.)
  • Must have excellent academic standing.
  • South African citizens.
  • Proof of registration at an appropriate South African university

Conditions of the bursary application. After completion of the studies the student must work for a potato industry related company, organisation or institution in the Republic of South Africa as approved by the Potato Industry Development Trust equivalent to the period of the bursary.

Opportunities All students are given the opportunities to get to know the potato industry through an annual induction programme that takes place in April. The program includes visits to a fresh produce market, a potato farm, a processing plant and research facilities. Diploma and undergraduate students will be given the opportunity to enhance their skills through an internship (for disciplines requiring practical training and exposure as part of their qualification condition) and a workplace experience program to enhance their employment opportunities.




Bursary Application form
Postgraduate Application Form Download form: www.potatoes.co.za/SiteResources/documents/Postgrad%20Bursary%20Application%202014.pdf
Undergraduate Application Form Download form: www.potatoes.co.za/SiteResources/documents/Undergrad%20Bursary%20Application%202014.pdf

Source: www.potatoes.co.za/