Social Work Scholarships Available for Study Next Year

Social Work Scholarships 2015

Applications for 2015 scholarships are open for social work students and matriculants who are planning to enrol for a social work degree at university next year. So if you aspire to become a social worker, and you need some kind of bursary to get you through your studies, then don’t miss this opportunity. The closing date for applications is October 31, 2014.

Social Work is a Calling

One of the most important notifications in the social work Scholarship for Social Work Student Guide 2015 released by the National Department of Social Development, as programme manager of the Scholarship Programme, Moqeloa Mothopeng, points out, is that social work is a calling rather than just a profession. For this reason the department only want students who “REALLY want to pursue this noble profession” to apply for the social work scholarships that are currently available.

They stress that they really do want people who are “very passionate” about social work to apply. They also stress that they want students who will be happy to help in disadvantaged communities, “with all their problems regardless where they are.” Most of these communities are, nor surprisingly, in rural areas.

The social work profession falls under the SsdSETA that was established to incorporate all welfare-related sub-sectors in 2011. This makes it one of the newer SETAs in South Africa, representing the welfare sector that was previously part of a broader body, the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA).

What Social Work Scholarships Cover

The scholarships on offer for 2015 will cover registration costs, tuition fees, cost of books prescribed for the courses, and stipends for practical exams. If accommodation is provided by the applicants’ universities of choice, accommodation costs might be included in the scholarship.

The Department has a very clear policy in terms of how and when they pay. For example, when learners who get social work scholarships buy books, each and every item needs to be specified. Only prescribed books and other study material will be covered. They also only pay out “appropriate expenses” and will not ever pay students money that could have, but hasn’t, been used. Full study fees are paid after April in the relevant year (in this case April 2015).

The Departmental guide also draws attention to the fact that successful applicants cannot change their field of study once they have been accepted.

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Important Details Required

In general, those who are applying for social work scholarships must be SA citizens and be happy to enter into an agreement with the Department. That’s about it… though of course all the necessary paperwork must be supplied – certified copies of Matric results, ID document, parent or guardian’s proof of income, academic record to date, and so on – and all entry requirements from the university must be complied with. All requirements are clearly laid out by the Department of Social Development.

Admission to University

Even though students are applying for scholarships, the Department emphasizes that it is imperative for them to apply to their university of choice for admission in due time. To help they have given a full list of relevant institutions throughout the country, together with names, contact details, and email information of heads of departments.

They have also provided information that will help prospective applicants get more information from provincial representatives in every province.

The Department also provides information that will help students explore additional financial assistance opportunities.

So you want to be a social worker and you need a bursary? What are you waiting for?

Where to find the Application Form.

The National Department of Social Development has released it’s student guidelines for social work scholarships; they are available for download from their website.