The FNB Fund Bursary Programme

The FNB Fund Bursary Programme provides tertiary education access for learners who are academically capable but financially disadvantaged. An FNB Fund sponsored bursary administered by Studietrust is a partial bursary.

Applicants are thus advised to also apply through the Financial Aid Office of their university of choice for a study loan from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to cover the shortfall. Terms and conditions apply.


Although it is an open bursary programme, the following selection criteria apply:
1. Beneficiaries must demonstrate academic potential;
2. Beneficiaries must demonstrate financial need;
3. Applicants may not be excluded on the basis of race, gender or disability;
4. Applicants who have completed their matric / NSC more than two years prior to application will not be considered;
5. Beneficiaries must be South African citizens;
6. There is a bias towards selecting female Beneficiaries;
7. There is a bias towards rural students and historically disadvantaged communities;
8.  Funding may only be awarded for full time study;
9.  It is the intention of the Fund to include people with a disability on the Programme; and
10.The Fund will consider support for students who are registered for undergraduate studies only, with the exception of Honours in Accounting which must include courses to enable the bursar to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

Approved fields of study

  1. Students must fall into one of the following fields of study: Commerce, Science or Engineering. Students majoring in the following fields are eligible for bursary support:
Commerce Engineering Sciences
Accounting Aeronautical Engineering Mathematical Statistics
Actuarial Science Agricultural Engineering Business Information Technology
Auditing Building Technology Computer Engineering
Economic & Management Sciences Chemical Engineering Computer Science
Economics Civil Engineering Information Systems
Financial Management Construction Management Information Technology
Investment Management Electrical Engineering Software Development
Management Industrial Engineering Actuarial Science
Quantitative Finance Mechanical Engineering Statistics
Statistics Mechatronics Mathematics
Finance Metallurgical Engineering
Marketing Mining Engineering
Human Resources Mining Survey
Law Architecture
Organisational Psychology





















Academic selection criteria

Only applicants who have obtained the following marks in the June / final examination of their Grade 12 year will be considered:

B Com / B Business Science:
·         A minimum of 60% in Mathematics
·         A minimum of 60% in English
·         A minimum of 60% in Mathematics
·         A minimum of 60% in English
·         A minimum of 60% in Physical Science
·         A minimum of 60% in Mathematics
·         A minimum of 60% in English
·         A minimum of 60% in Physical Science

Instructions for submission of application forms

Applications will only be considered if completed in full and if all the supporting documents have been included and signed by the applicant. Documents that accompany the application form must be certified:

1. A copy of your mid-year/June examination results.  If you are not studying this year, send a copy of your latest exam results, together with an explanation of what you are doing this year. This is essential as the exam results play an important role in the selection process.

  1. Matric/NSC results: If you have already completed matric/NSC, include your results, together with your latest tertiary (June) results. This is compulsory for all tertiary students.
  2. Two testimonials: One testimonial from a responsible educational official, e. g. your principal or lecturer and the other by a community, political or spiritual leader. Use the testimonial forms in the application form or attach suitable testimonials.
    4. Write an essay on your life on the page included. Use additional pages if necessary. This must be written by you. Your parent, guardian or friend may write a letter of recommendation.
  3. Proof of salaries* of parent(s), guardian or spouse (*e.g. payslip, letter from employer, sworn statement or tax return statement).
    6. A copy of your South African ID.

NB: Please apply timeously for admission to the university of technology of your choice. Consult the website of the relevant universities of technology for their application deadlines. Career advice is available from SAQA Career Advice Services: Helpline Number: 0860 111 673; or sms / email your question to 0722045056 /
When completing the application form, please clearly specify the exact degree programme for which you need a bursary, the name of the educational institution where you plan to study (e.g. University of Cape Town) and the year of study.
Changing your degree programme after submitting your application form may lead to a cancellation of the bursary, if granted.
No bursaries are available for private tertiary institutions

Application procedure

– Email your completed form and supporting documents in PDF format (not exceeding 1megabyte) to or fax 086 538 1537  

– If you require an application form to be posted to you, please sms the word STUDY, your name, surname, postal address & postal code to 31022. (Standard sms rates apply)

– Completed application forms may still be submitted to the postal address, Studietrust, Private bag X16, Braamfontein, 2017.

– For applying online, please indicate in the relevant space that you are applying for an FNB Fund bursary. We will, however, consider your application for other bursaries too, so you only have to apply ONCE.

Closing dates:

  • The closing date for requesting an application form is 31 August.
    ·    The closing date for submitting your completed application form with all supporting documents is 30 September. This deadline applies to all modes of application

Acknowledgement of receipt

Studietrust (the FNB bursary administrator) receives thousands of application forms each year and it is therefore not possible for us to acknowledge receipt of all completed forms. All applications will be considered and selection will take place from September to December. All applicants will be notified of the outcome not later than 31 December.

Contact Studietrust if you need more information:

The natural sciences are not included.



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