TISO Foundation Bursaries: Bursaries for the Disadvantages Youth

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Tiso Foundation
Tiso Foundation is a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) which was established in 2001 by Founders of the Tiso Group. The vision was to establish a self-sustainable Foundation which would provide underprivileged South African youth a platform to further their education and develop their talents, in order to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Tiso Foundation strongly believes in promoting education and skills development. It is through education that one is able to change your circumstances, contribute to your community and the larger South African economy. Over the years the Tiso Foundation has invested millions in education and skills development through its various programmes. Currently the Foundation runs various tertiary bursary programmes from undergraduate to Phd level.

The Tiso Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving youth to further their education across a range of fields, whilst at the same time provide one-on-one support, mentorship and leadership skills to its beneficiaries.


The Tertiary Bursary Programme
The Foundation works in partnership with many of the South African Universities to offer talented and disadvantaged youth the opportunity to further their studies. Their Tertiary bursary program is open to most fields of study, such as Science, Medicine, Commerce, and Engineering fields.


Candidates wanting to apply for Tiso Foundation bursaries must meet all requirements as set out by the organisation. Listed below are the requirements candidates must meet to be eligible.
Tiso Foundation bursaries requirements:

  • Applicants must possess a valid South African ID
  • Candidates between the ages of 18 and 34 can apply
  • Applicants must hold a valid matric certificate with good to excellent results
  • Candidates from a previously disadvantaged background will have preference
  • Applicants in need of financial aid
  • Candidates registered with an institute of higher learning must hold exceptional results
  • Applicants must provide good references
  • Candidates must show a dedication to their studies
  • Applicants must have a positive attitude and eager to study further
  • Candidates who are selected must be keen on giving something back to the community


The Tiso Foundation Tertiary Bursary online application can be found on theTiso Foundation website along with details to the Organisation and all their other programs. Candidates interested in applying must ensure they complete the application form in full and that all relevant documentation is certified before attaching to their application.


This program was brought to life in 2009 when the Tiso Foundation noticed the ever increasing need for qualified artisans in South Africa. The Artisan Development programme offers youth from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain valuable skills and employment across various trades including boilermakers, electricians, welders, fitters & turners, millwrights and diesel mechanics.

The Tiso Foundation runs this programme in partnership with ATI (Artisan Training Institute) to deliver a program which offers an accredited six-month technical & theoretical training, followed by an 18-month learnership and then a final testing to qualify as a certified artisan.
To Apply to the Artisan programme – please log on tohttp://www.artisantraining.co.za/