Varsity Sports Bursary 2014

There are a number of sport bursaries on offer to students depending on their sporting performance and achievements to date. Bursaries are offered to those who have excelled in their respective disciplines according to the different categories included in this brochure, and who are interested in becoming a Sports Life Club Captain.

Critical to the success of the Sports Life Clubs on campus are the dedicated, committed and experienced Sports Life Club Captains. If you’re passionate about any of the Sports Life sports included in this brochure and you have the administration skills and energy to see it grow in a student environment, please compile a CV of your sporting achievements and a short motivation as to why you’d like to be a Sports Life Club Captain. Complete the bursary application form at the end of this brochure and submit all these documents to the Vice-Principal of Marketing at your nearest campus.

The sport bursary categories on offer at Varsity College include any student who received:

National Senior A Colours (Open)
National Senior B Colours (Open), National Junioe A Colours (U23/U21/U19 etc.) or National School A colours
National Junior B Colours (U23/U21/U19 etc.), National School B Colours or Provincial Senior A Colours (open)
Provincial Seniour B Colours, Provicial Junior A Colours (U23/U21/U19 etc.) or Provincial School A Colours
Provincial Junior B Colours (U23/U21/U19 etc.) or Provincial School B Colours