distance learning sa

Distance learning refers to learning via correspondence.

For instance you would like to study a project management course via distance learning, this normally entails signing up with a training organisation such as unisa, intec or college SA. The distance learning training organisation would then post you learning material via the postal service, you would study the project management learning material via correspondence, this really means you are on your own but there is a teacher or mentor you can refer to when you are unsure about something in the project management distance learning material, the UK has fantastic distance learning courses, and because the project management job is in SA it doesn’t mean you cant study your distance learning courses in the UK, because after all it doesn’t matter where the learning material comes from because you are studying via distance learning, and because everyone in the UK speaks English and the timeline is the same as SA its very easy to communicate with the distance learning company in the UK.

Its normally very unusual to find a UK or SA bursary if you are studying via a distance learning company in SA or the UK you would normally have to seek out a company who would offer you a study load or a bursary, which is normally very tricky.

IF you are looking for a distance learning course in SA don’t forget to search for courses in the UK, it can sometimes be better to have a UK qualification in project management as it shows initiative and that you are willing to go the extra mile. But remember its important to go to a repeatable project management distance learning company in the UK so do your research.