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A week of workshops for teams of feature film producers, writers and directors is being launched by Leeds Metropolitan University with Studio of the North and the Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF).

From 15-19 November, during the Leeds International Film Festival, the Northern Film School at Leeds Met will offer the intensive week of creative producing, entitled ‘Elevator’, inviting teams of filmmakers to be mentored by a seasoned group of industry professionals. The course will guide teams in planning the most effective financing, marketing and distribution strategies for their films.

Two full bursaries are being offered to eligible production teams for this course through a partnership with the Fenton Arts Trust and Ideas Tap.

Head of Enterprise for the School of Film, Music and Performing Arts at Leeds Met, Jennifer Granville, explains: “For the past year I have been working with some of the top practitioner/trainers in the country and am very excited to have developed the Creative Producing Elevator opportunity for first time feature producers. Working with Studio of the North and the Leeds International Film Festival has meant we can really offer relevant and valuable mentoring for the filmmakers coming on this course.”

Elevator will be a challenging week of workshops, seminars and conversations where producers will be encouraged to think beyond the traditional realms of filmmaking, enabling their projects to compete in the digital world. A full programme is on offer for teams of participants consisting of either writer/producer or writer/director/producer. Individual applicants are also encouraged, and will attend all panels, lectures and networking sessions.

Both individuals and teams will be coached through individual mentoring from industry thinkers and practitioners; which include Paul Ashton, the new Head of Talent for Creative England, Beatrice Neumann from Sales Agents Works International, and Peter Buckingham, until recently Head of Distribution and Exhibition at the UK Film Council and BFI.

The course is one of a series of professional, intensive workshops in Film, Music and Performing Arts being run by Leeds Met each month between September 2013 and July 2014. All courses are taught by professional practitioners in state-of-the-art studio spaces at either the Electric Press in Millennium Square or at the University’s Headingley Campus.

For more information about the course and bursaries, and to make an application, please or email fm& are available for all students (not just students of Leeds Metropolitan), Leeds Met staff members and the unwaged.