Namport Namibian Bursary 2014

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) primary Training and Development objective is to develop the Namibian people.

Namport focuses on recruiting, professional, competent staff members into its organizational structure. Namport has initiated various training and development programmes a Bursary Scheme, Apprenticeship and the Seafarer Training programs. These scheme/programme lays the foundation for prospective Human Resources and ensure that Namibia has a skilled work force for the future.

1. Namport BURSARY SCHEME – Full Time Study
The renowned Namport Bursary scheme was first introduce in 1997. The scheme gives selected Namibian students the opportunity to receive education to enable them to fill positions within Namport where higher education is a pre-requisite. In time the scheme will also provide tertiary-trained personnel for the broader Namibian economy. Namport Bursary scheme covers full academic fees (including tuition, accommodation, meals, traveling and incidental expenses).

The annual intake of bursars in the field of Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical), Information Technology & Finance and Human Resources are directly linked to Namport’s Human Resources plan. Prospective students are invited through the media during October each year and are selected on the following criteria: –
1. Must be Namibian Citizens
2. Must have a proven record of scholastic achievement
3. Must have relevant Grade 12 subjects on higher grade
4. Must be preferably in the AA target group
5. Must be a second year student at any tertiary institution (University/Technikon)
2.1 Bursary Scheme
Namport will award a minimum of 6 bursaries per annum to promising apprentices who have completed their first 6 months of theoretical training. Allocation of these bursaries will be determined by the Human Resources Plan of Namport in conjunction with the relevant training institution.

Advertisement of the bursary scheme will be done in conjunction with the relevant training institutions on an annual basis. Such bursaries will provide for the following:
1.1.1 A monthly allowance (pocket money), to be determined by Namport from time to time (excluding unwarranted periods of absence).
1.1.2 Tuition fees subjected to the amount as stipulated by the training centre for the duration of the apprenticeship.
1.1.3 Textbooks and related expenses as determined by the training centre.
1.1.4 Daily transport to and from Walvis Bay and NIMT.
1.1.5 Monthly transport costs to and from Lüderitz and the training centre.
1.1.6 Accommodation costs at the WVTC hostel in the case of apprentices domiciled in the Lüderitz area.
1.1.7 Social Security contribution.
1.1.8 Safety clothing as determined by the training centre.
1.1.9 The administration of the above which is the responsibility of the relevant
training institute. Such training institute shall invoice Namport on a Monthly basis.