Trudon Offers Bursaries to IT, Multimedia and Digital Media Students

Trudon Bursaries 2015

Trudon, the company that publishes South Africa’s Yellow Pages, is offering bursaries to IT and various design and media-related students who are currently studying for undergraduate degrees. The closing date is October 31, 2014.

Bursaries are open to:

  • Trudon employees who have worked for the company for more than 12 months.

  • The children of Trudon employees.

  • Previously disadvantaged external candidates who do not have existing links with the company.

The company also has a graduate programme that gives successful students who have participated in their bursary programme “a potential career start”. This involves external candidates working for Trudon for a year after graduation. In addition they offer “study funding” to employees who want to increase their knowledge and “expand their horizons”.

Job opportunities are also available on an ongoing basis.

Anyone who is successful in their bursary application will have both registration fees and tuition fees covered. They will receive a book allowance, and where applicable residence fees may be coverd.

SETA Backing

The Media Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (Mict SETA) is responsible for the skills development and accreditation standards set for all providers of education and training for the following sectors:

  • Advertising

  • Electronic media and film

  • Electronics

  • Information technology (IT)

  • Telecommunications

The Trudon Mission as an Employer

Trudon actively looks for “new media talent” and in return they can offer a dynamic and exciting work environment as well as substantial funding that will help learners in this field further their studies and complete their tertiary education.

From initially being an well-established and reputable print-media organisation, Trudon is now a leading multimedia company, opening the door to people with skills in this new work arena. Career opportunities the company offers spans a range of related areas including accounting, customer care, human resources, logistics, marketing and sales. Their focus though is on ecommerce, information management, multimedia design and what they term “online and search”.

Once in the employ of Truton, people are invited to write their won “career scripts”. And this is where the internal bursaries come in.

Undergraduate Degrees that Qualify Students

Second and third year students who are aiming for a degree in the following fields may apply for a bursary:

  • IT management, information management, economics and econometrics, or informatics

  • Informatics and computer science, or IT

  • Digital media studies

  • Multimedia design

The specific bachelor degrees covered are Information Science (in multimedia and publishing) and Graphic Design.

Applicants must have achieved an overall minimum result of 60 percent, and also a minimum 60 percent pass in their major subjects. This will apply to first year results for those applying for second year studies, and to second year results for those applying for funds for third year studies.

While all applications are decided on “merit”, Trudon does point out that it will give African, Coloured and Indian students preference.

For Those Who Qualify

Academic performance is important and the company reviews the situation after examinations, and bursaries are renewed annually.

Once a student has graduated, he or she must work for Trudon for a year. This does not include in-service periods of training. In the event of a graduate refusing to accept the employment contract, all money outlaid for study fees will have to be repaid.

Application forms are available from Trudon online

Side Note: cire trudon should not be confused with trudon South Africa, Trudin South African is the official reseller of advertising space for telkom’s yellow pages. cire trudon (cire trudon candles) is a french company who manufacture candles.

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