Travel Grant 2014

Grant TravelANU Bhati Family Travel Grant – 2014

The Bhati Family Travel Grant assists with airfares and travel expenses related to travelling to India for research purposes.

Grant Overview

This year-long grant will assist current Australian National University (ANU) students from any discipline to undertake research for which they need to travel to India. The aim of this grant is to create a better understanding and knowledge of Australia in India and/or a better understanding and knowledge of India in Australia. It is valued at $2,330 and is to be used to assist with airfares and travel expenses.

The successful candidate will be chosen based on the following:

Merit of application;
Proposed output of the research to be conducted in India;
Applicant’s academic record to date; and
Any other information made available to the Selection Committee.
For more information on the grant and the application process, please click here. For further enquires, please contact the ANU Coursework Scholarship Officer, Fees and Scholarships Office.

Applications for the 2013 Bhati Family Travel Grant have now closed. Applications will reopen in 2013 ready for the 2014 Grant.

Selection Criteria
Applicants must be able to demonstrate that travelling to India is vital to their research, and that the output of the research will contribute to a better understanding and knowledge of any aspect of Australia in India or vice versa. Selection is based on the proposed output of the research and academic merit.